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Customize Your EV with Realism and Precision – Electric Mods revolutionizes the way you visualize modifications for electric vehicles, including Teslas.

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bespoke builds: Every detail matters

Our EV & Tesla Design Studio empowers you to mod every aspect of your electric vehicle, ensuring a personalized touch down to the smallest detail. From unique wraps to intricate accents, witness your vision come to life with accuracy that mirrors your imagination. It's not just about customization; it's about creating a vehicle that's truly yours, in every way imaginable.

real mods: Customize with confidence

It's not just a promise; it's our commitment to authenticity. Unlike other tools that dream up the impossible, our EV & Tesla Design Studio showcases real, attainable parts ensuring that what you design can truly hit the road. It bridges the gap between fantasy and feasibility, making your custom EV dreams a tangible reality.

instant design: Real-time, all the time

As you experiment with different mods and wraps, see your changes come to life immediately. Our EV & Tesla Design Studio ensures that every customization and transformation is reflected in real-time, offering a seamless and interactive design experience.

get inspired: a gallery of possibilities

This is where the creativity of our community shines through. It's a celebration of ideas and designs from fellow enthusiasts, providing endless inspiration for your own EV mods journey. Witness the imagination and ingenuity that drives our community forward.

make it real: local mod pros

Easily find nearby shops equipped to bring your designs to life. This feature connects you with a directory of customization experts, ensuring your EV transformation is in skilled hands. It's about turning our community's visions into reality, with the convenience and trust of local expertise.

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Electric Mods is available for download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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Our platform makes it easy for you to choose your wrap, powder coat your wheels, or see what your EV or Tesla will look like with 20% tint.

EV & Tesla Design Studio For All.

Whether you’re a Tesla owner or a wrap shop, we’ve made the process of visualizing EV & Tesla mods intuitive, immersive, and fast! Expect to find realistic wrap finishes, real aftermarket parts, and real environmental effects.

Dream it. Design it. Drive it.

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